Friday, November 19, 2010


Most people can go out and grab a bite to eat without any worries at all, but for a person with OCD going out or even stepping out of the house for that matter is quite a challenge. When one chooses a restaurant, it's assumed they would choose a place because they love the food, but an individual with OCD has plenty of other factors to manage before taste would even come in to a factor. I guess this is why I can only eat from certain places, which i have approved before hand. The approval process is intensive, I watch the staff, check out their personal hygeine, survey the area, check if the tables are wiped, what kind of cutlery i see others eating from etc. I mean I certainly wouldn't eat from a table where the cutlery was already set out, I mean how many people could have touched it since it has been out, or how many people might have coughed or sneezed and their germs are smothered all over cutlery.

Oh I also forgot to mention even if I decided that I liked that place, it would also have to have drinks avaliable in bottles, sealed of course. I mean I carn't drink where incapable staff would drop lids on the floor then pick the lid back up and poor contaminated drink into the cup.

I know for some this may seem in excess but i carn't take any risks when it comes to my body.


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  1. What I've learned in OCD treatment is that I do take risks with my body--in non-OCD parts of my life--but with health anxiety, I'm hyper aware of every possible risk. Yet, I will drive somewhere, even if I could be in an accident. OCD is very opportunistic.